Get Fly screens to
protect your home

Are you having trouble with growing annoying intruders, then we can transform your home into cool breeze

Roll up Insect Screen

Roll up insect screens are specially made of all types of windows.

Insect Screen Pleated Single Sided

Single sided flymesh with bottom guide rail fixed to opening frame.

Insect Screen Pleated Double Sided

Double sided flymesh with bottom guide rail fixed to opening frame.

Fixed Insect

Fixed flys creen can be manufactured fit to any measurement

About Us

Getflyscreen don't compromises on quality

and manufactures a wide range of quality roll up fly screens, Pleated Fly Screens, Hinged Fly Screen, Fixed Type Fly Screen, Insects Screen, Mosquitoes Screen supplying in all over the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Middle East and African Countries.

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Why Getflyscreen

Features & Benefits

Our products and services that are simple, elegant, and can be customized to your requirements 

Get rid of unwanted intruders

The easiest, safest and smoothest pathway to keep your home and work place free from unwanted intruders

Ease of operation

Our products are well known for their ease of operation and their elegance which enhances the outlook of your home / villa

RAL Colors

Available in various RAL colors, Kyner coating and wooden coating with grains with beautiful views to match stunning beauty of your home

Allow light and fresh air

Our products allow light and fresh air into your home and reduce sunlight glare to keep the environment calm


FAQs, Quick fixes and useful info

Here’s what our Amazing Clients have to know more about commonly asked questions and their answers by our customers.

The cost of replacing fly screens can be equivalent to call a repairman at home in Dubai.

For small holes, apply transparent nail polish on them or sew them together. Cut a piece of unused mesh and attach them on a large hole to cover it.

Yes, pet doors can be easily installed in screen doors of almost every type.

While the screen blocks some light, it will allow plenty of sunlight to penetrate in your rooms.

Just wash the screens once a month with mild detergent. That’ll do the trick.

Let’s work together on your next project ✌

Our technical team can take the accurate measurements on your site for your fly screens requirements

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